Pamela J. Hartmann, PhD
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Phone: 586-775-6720

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if therapy is right for me?

People turn to therapy for a variety of reasons, and each person's goals are uniquely their own. Sometimes we just need to bounce our thoughts off another person, and sometimes we need answers and solutions. Whether you have a specific issue in mind that you're ready to address, or simply feel that something is lacking in your life but don't know why, being willing and open to exploring those thoughts is the most important first step in making your decision.

Does therapy really work?

Therapy can provide a confidential and supportive environment to confront personal experiences at your own pace, but many people aren't sure if therapy can actually improve their lives. Some of us might feel uneasy sharing details about ourselves with an apparent stranger, and some of us are afraid that talking to a professional about our struggles will make us feel worse, not better.

Dr. Hartmann believes therapy should ultimately be a positive experience that promotes new insight and a fresh perspective. She encourages her clients to move beyond a basic awareness of what isn't working in their lives, and helps them resolve problems by drawing on existing values and strengths. Dr. Hartmann understands that different approaches work for different people, and adapts her treatment methods to address each client's individual goals.

When is the right time to turn to a therapist?

Dr. Hartmann encourages her clients to contact her as soon as they feel there's a problem in their lives worth addressing. Too often people hold off on consulting a therapist until a problem becomes "big enough" or "serious enough" to warrant professional attention, but it's always easier to fix a problem before it has a chance to get worse. Occasionally, a situation might be improved with a few focused meetings. If the issue proves to be more complex, Dr. Hartmann will let you know and suggest ways to work on it together.

What are your rates and fees?

Pricing may vary based on the services needed. Please contact Dr. Hartmann directly for rates and payment options.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. Please contact Dr. Hartmann directly for a detailed insurance policy.

Is your office handicap accessible?

Yes. Dr. Hartmann's office is located on the ground floor with wide-entrance doors. Handicap parking spaces and a wheelchair-accessible ramp are located near the building's main entrance. Restrooms located above and below the ground floor can be reached via elevator.

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